AFA Sweden: 30 years – Antifascist never dies

What we hoped would be the party of the year really became the party of the year, and more. Antifascist Action Sweden is today one of Sweden’s oldest street-based groups, and we have survived all fascist organizations. Our recipe for success has always rested on solidarity and community, something the nazis will never be able to understand.

Thanks to everyone who showed up and supported, as well as to everyone who contributed in some way during these 30 years. Special thanks to AFA Paris-Banlieue, AFA Köpenhamn, AFA Oslo, Varis verkosto from Finland och Aurora from Finland. You are our comrades forever. We aim for another 30 years.
We also want to thank our comrades that sent us greetings from all around the world. We read them under the evening of the celebrations at Cyklopen. Thanks to, Antifa Witten,
Corvallis Against Fascism, North East Antifa [Berlin], New York City Antifa, Revolutionære antifascister, Aktion Antifa Leipzig, Leeds Anti Fascist Network, Groupe Antifa Lyon, Anti-Fascist Action Albury/Wodonga, Dwayne Thomas Anti-Fascist Action, gruppe für organisierten antifaschismus wien, Sare Antifaxista, Montréal Antifasciste to name a few!